Marianist Father Thomas Dubay remarks that you and I are called to be saints. Yet, while the thought of a "St. Mother Teresa" or "Pope St. John Paul II" sits well with most of us who've witnessed their heroic virtue in our lifetimes, a "St. (insert your full name here)" may strike us as out of the question at this point in our lives. In "Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer," Father Dubay reminds us why we should be opening ourselves up to the grace of God to make this a reality in our lives.

What makes Father Dubay's book so refreshing on this score is the reality that he brings to the way most of us live out our spiritual lives. His examples provide evidence of his years of retreat and mission preaching as well as the hours of spiritual direction that he has given.

So people with the least bit of interest in improving their spiritual life and their commitment to the lived Gospel of Jesus Christ are going to find a brilliant explanation of why they should want to convert completely, what is keeping them from doing it right now and, as Father Dubay terms it, a "surefire program" to actually experience the deep conversion to Christ in their life that is God's will for them.

Do you feel like you've been stuck in your spiritual life? Father Dubay says you are not alone and shows how the seldom-mentioned original sin that we carry around with us is our greatest enemy in progressing in the spiritual life or in even desiring to do so. He terms this as the "remarkable resistance," which I think immediately will resonate with most readers who will see the fundamental problem with their spiritual growth

Father Dubay doesn't leave us hanging, but gives seven positive actions to take to finally move off of the spiritual couch we've been sitting on and to experience God more fully in our lives.

A story that Father Dubay tells provides us with an illustration of why you should read this book. When the late Pope John Paul II was traveling and was taken ill, he wished to resume his schedule, much to the alarm of one of the Polish sisters who cared for him. She said to him, "I am worried about your Holiness," to which he responded, "I, too, am worried about my holiness."

Father Dubay helps us to remember why we all should be worried about our holiness and what we can do about it.

Michael Dubruiel is the author of "How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist."