Mass Readings: Acts 28:16-20,30-31/John 21:20-25

Tradition as Revelation

In conversations with well-read Protestants, there are times when Catholics find themselves defending one of the Church’s teachings (on the Immaculate Conception, for example) because it’s not described in the Bible. Today’s Gospel helps us to understand the origins of such teachings, namely Sacred Tradition. John clearly says that Jesus did and said many more things than those presented in the Gospel. Catholicism teaches that these two, Scripture and Sacred Tradition comprise the one deposit of faith, as stated by Vatican II in the “Constitution on the Divine Liturgy.”

With the Magisterium (the teaching office of the Pope and bishops) as interpreter, Scripture and Sacred Tradition are Divine Revelation. Knowing our Catholic faith, especially Divine Revelation, is key our understanding the Church today and to our explaining it accurately to others.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, thank You for teaching us of Your love through Scripture and Tradition.