Mass Readings: Acts 22:30;23:6-11/John 17:20-26

Unity in Christ

One of the great teachings of Vatican II was the concept of ecumenism, the idea of seeking what unites rather than what divides Catholics and Protestants. Jesus in this famous passage from John Chapter 17, knowing that He soon will die, rise, and return to the Father, prays for His followers, asking that they be united, as the Father and Son are one.

Unity is manifested in many ways, but possibly the most basic and important is to demonstrate respect for differences. Diversity, while seemingly a concept of disunity, can actually be the tie that unites and brings peoples closer together. In our day-to-day activities with others, let’s remember Jesus’ exhortation to seek unity, to find common ground as together we journey toward life eternal.

Prayer: Almighty God, bind me to You and to my brothers and sisters in Christ.