Mass Readings: Acts 18:9-18/John 16:20-23

Summer Vacations with God

My husband and I travel a lot. First it was sleeping bags and a tent, later a VW camper, and now, in our AARP years, motels and cruise ships. Wherever we go, we seek out Catholic churches. High Mass in Romania with exquisite singing in Latin; off-key singing at Mass in a meeting room with Grand Canyon employees; and sometimes, just singing “Amazing Grace” or “Dona Nobis Pacem” by ourselves in an empty church.

We think God needs and enjoys a vacation as much as we do, so we invite Him to join us. We experience Him in churches, yes, but also in the splendor of nature, in the love of our relatives, and through the kindness of strangers. So many blessings, so much help if we need it, so much gratitude for this world.

Prayer: Creator God, I invite You to come with me wherever I go.