1 billion: Estimated number of people who saw Pope John Paul II in person during his pontificate.

17 million: Estimated number of people whom Pope John Paul II has addressed in his weekly general audiences in St. Peter’s Square.

765,000: Approximate number of miles Pope John Paul traveled since his election on Oct. 16, 1978.

375,000: Number of people who gathered for a papal Mass in Denver’s Cherry Creek State Park for World Youth Day on Aug. 15, 1993.

250,000+: Number of faithful present in St. Peter’s Square at his consecration as pope on Oct. 22,1978.

1,345: Number of holy men and women beatified by Pope John Paul II.

1,500: Approximate number of private audiences involving heads of state and various other groups hosted by Pope John Paul II.

1,150+: General audiences conducted by the Pope.

904: Pages in the official English translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church,second edition (revised in accordance with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1997)

483: Number of saints he has canonized during his pontificate. This is more than all the popes of the past 500 years combined; his 17 immediate predecessors had named only 302.

262: Number of pontiffs (St. Peter being No.1) who preceded Karol Wojtyla; Pope John Paul II was the 263rd.

231: Number of cardinals he created.

133: Number of countries around the world Pope John Paul II visited as Pope.

104: Number of papal trips he took outside Italy.

26: Number of years — along with five months and 17 days — Pope John Paul II occupied the Chair of St. Peter, from Oct. 16, 1978, to April 2, 2005.

15: Synods of bishops of various regions convened by him.

14: Number of encyclicals he wrote.

9: Visit he has made as Pope to his native Poland.

5: Number of meditations on Jesus’ life he has added to the Rosary — the Luminous Mysteries (Jesus’ baptism, His self-revelation at Cana, His announcement of the kingdom of God and call to conversion, His transfiguration,and the institution of the Eucharist).

3: Where Pope John Paul II ranks among longest-serving pontiffs, behind Blessed Pope Pius IX (31 years,seven months,21 days) and Peter (dates uncertain)

0: The number of non-Italian popes from the time of Pope Adrian VI (1522-23) to the election of Pope John Paul II in 1978.