Back by popular demand: Untangling the Catholic Web

On Wednesdays, the Newsweekly team sits down, assesses what we have on the docket for the coming week and decides on what to feature on the cover of the issue.

Some weeks, it’s obvious we want to focus primarily on one story. Last week’s issue, with coverage of Pope Francis’ trip to Holy Land, is a perfect example. This week, though, I went down the list and said something like “Just put it all on there!”

We didn’t want to miss a chance to draw you into a story that was either informational or provided an opportunity for growth in the Faith. So put it all on the cover we did.

I’m hoping you prop up your feet and take a good long while to plumb the depths of this week’s issue, from hard news stories focused on morality clauses, the death penalty and an interview with sex abuse survivor Marie Collins, to inspiring pieces like the Faith story on Lizzie Velasquez, to our Internet Guide In Focus.

Editor's preview of this week's issue

Brought back by popular demand, the Internet Guide is something we haven’t featured in a couple of years. The personality of Sarah Reinhard, herself a blogger and downright Internet enthusiast, comes through as she lists some of her top picks.

Of course, there wasn’t room to include everything, and some of your favorite items most likely were left out, so please feel free to chime in on the comments section on the website. Or email If we get a good amount of feedback, we may consider publishing additional sites online.

And while all the content really is good, I feel the need to point out, in particular, our Faith piece on Lizzie Velasquez. The message of this 25-year-old woman, who has defied odds and used the negativity of others to create her own success and become the woman God intended her to be, is truly incredible. If you have a chance to watch some of Lizzie’s story on YouTube, I highly recommend it. You can find two videos linked from her site, Her TEDx talk “How do you define yourself” has almost 6 million views. It’s worth making it 6 million and one.

Finally, I am pleased to reintroduce you to J.D. Mullane, a columnist from Pennsylvania who will be filling in for Bob Lockwood while he is recovering from a recent medical procedure. Mullane is a terrific writer and has a way of tying day-to-day life to the Faith in relevant ways. I think you’ll enjoy him.

Thank you, too, to the many of you who have written kind words to and about Bob Lockwood. They have been forwarded onto him, and I know he is deeply appreciative of your words and your prayers.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I’m particularly looking forward to spending the day with my own father (and the rest of the clan) in North Carolina. I sure hope he makes something good on the grill. Just kidding, Dad.

Have a great week.