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Lawsuit could compel hospital to violate beliefs

Fortnight for Freedom begins today

Cardinal Dolan: White House 'strangling' Church


Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic church (CBS This Morning)

Catholic institutions fight mandated contraception coverage (FOXnews video)

Franciscan University Sues for Religious Liberty (FUS video)

Catholic leaders file lawsuits against Obama health mandate (Vatican Radio)

Catholic news

Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh: 'We did not pick this fight' (USAToday)

Insights from the Press (Cardinal Dolan on his blog)

Why Catholics are suing the government: It has no right to force us to choose between our religious beliefs and those we serve (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Annabelle McGannon, Susan L. Rauscher and Biship David A. Zubik)

Lifting the Veil on the HHS Mandate And a Query to the Administration UPDATED (Why I Am Catholic blog by Frank Weathers)

Consider the Source (Egregious Twaddle blog by Joanne K. McPortland)

Surprise! MSM Ignoring Catholic Lawsuits against Government UPDATED (The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia)

White House Lie: Our Door is Open to Bishops (Creative Minority Report)

Why is the Media Ignoring the Biggest Lawsuit in US History? (Woman of Grace blog)

Cardinal Dolan Applauds Church Agencies As They Challenge HHS For Violating Religious Freedom (Archdiocese of New York News Release)

All Aboard? (Commonweal)

Federal lawsuits by Catholic dioceses, groups seek to stop HHS mandate (CNS)

Preserve Religious Freedom (Diocese of Washington web site)

Catholics suing to block U.S. contraception rule (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Notre Dame files religious liberty lawsuit related to HHS mandate (Notre Dame website)

‘Sober Determination’ in Defense of Religious Freedom (Kathryn Lopez on Patheos)

Unprecedented Legal Action Takes HHS Mandate Battle to the Courts (National Catholic Register)

The Contraception Mandate: The Church Fights Back ( Catholicism)

Time to say thank you!(

The Mandate War (National Review Online, by George Weigel)

The Fight for Religious Freedom (Card. Timothy Dolan blog)

Those HHS rules head to court (once again) (

Dozens of Catholic Groups Sue Obama Admin Over HHS Mandate (

Catholic groups file suit over HHS birth control mandate (Religion News Service)

Catholic organizations file religious liberty lawsuits against the federal government in a dozen jurisdictions (What Does the Prayer Really Say? blog)

Why We’re Fighting (And Filing): Setting the Record Straight (Emily Stimpson on

Federal lawsuits by Catholic dioceses, groups seek to stop HHS mandate (

Catholics to the Courtrooms: OSV, University of Notre Dame, and 43 Dioceses Ramp Up the Legal Fight Against the HHS Mandate (

The Dozen Lawsuits Filed Today Garnered all of 15 Seconds on CBS News. We Shall Overcome. (Frank Weathers on YIMCatholic blog)

The Catholic anti-Obama election year roll-out continues? Super-lawsuit filed by 43 dioceses, universities, and Our Sunday Visitor (U.S. Catholic)

Dozens of Catholic Groups Sue Obama Admin Over HHS Mandate (

MASSIVE MANDATE LAWSUITS FILED – 43 Plaintiffs including Dioceses, Schools, Universities, Organizations (Kresta in the Afternoon)

OSV, Notre Dame, Others File Lawsuit -UPDATED (The Anchoress blog)

Forty-three Catholic organizations file lawsuits against HHS mandate (EWTN News)

43 Catholic groups file legal challenge to HHS mandate (

43 Catholic Agencies File Suit Over Birth Control Mandate (Christian Post)

Notre Dame & others sue Obama administration over contraception mandate(dotCommonweal)

Notre Dame: Good News and Bad News (National Catholic Register)

Other news

Conservative bishops court the disdain of Catholic women (Los Angeles Times)

Culture Wars : Evangelicals respond to Catholic lawsuits: 'We are all Catholics now' (VirtueOnline)

Obama vs. Catholics, Catholics vs. Obama (Ross Douthat in The New York Times)

Contraception contretemps (Melinda Henneberger in The Washington Post)

Protecting our Catholic conscience in the public square (Card. Donald Wuerl in The Washington Post)

Catholic Organizations Sue over Health Insurance Mandate (Nonprofit Quarterly)

HHS doesn’t speak for me, or many women (Helen Alvare in The Washignton Post)

Mary Ann Glendon: Why the Bishops Are Suing the U.S. Government (Wall Street Journal)

Catholic suit against Obama birth control rules: Both sides are wrong (WP Politics, She the People blog)

Did the Catholic organizations have to sue over the health care mandate? (Washington Post by E.J. Dionne, Jr.)

Health-care mandate: Catholic leaders sue over birth control (Christian Science Monitor)

Catholic Groups File Against Obama Contraception Mandate (Newsmax)

Catholics won’t go quietly (Michael Gerson, Washington Post Opinions)

Catholic Groups Sue Over Contraception Coverage (PBS)

Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese, Notre Dame, others file lawsuit over health mandate (Fort Wayne News-Sentinel)

Diocese and others file lawsuit over birth control mandate  (WNDU News South Bend)

ND, Catholic Diocese, others file suit regarding HHS mandate (South Bend Tribune)

Notre Dame among Catholic organizations suing over HHS birth control regulations: Full List (The Washington Post)

Our Sunday Visitor: “Our lawsuit raises two questions” (Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette)

Diocese files religious freedom suite against federal government (WANE-TV, Fort Wayne)

Notre Dame sues over Obama's Contraception Rules [includes the email that went to students](Atlantic Wire)

Biggest Religious Lawsuit in U.S. History Launched, Liberal Evening News Shows Ignore It (NewsBusters)

Catholic groups sue over federal contraception mandate | Catholic universities file lawsuits against the Obama administration (CNN)

Catholic organizations across the country file suit against contraception mandate (FOX News)

Notre Dame sues over Obama birth control mandate (MSNBC)

Catholic Groups File Suits on Contraceptive Coverage (The New York Times)

Catholic Dioceses, Colleges Sue Over Obama Mandate (NPR)

Notre Dame: Why We’re Suing Over Birth-Control Mandate (The Wall Street Journal Washington Wire blog)

Notre Dame, Catholic Dioceses Sue Obama Over Contraception Mandate (ABC News Political Punch blog) 

Notre Dame Lawsuit (The Huffington Post)

Notre Dame, other groups file new lawsuits against contraception rule (Politico)

MSNBC Guest: Catholic Bishops ‘Imposing On The Rest Of The Country’s Religious Freedom’ (Mediaite)

43 Catholic Agencies File Suit Over Birth Control Mandate (Christian Post)

Catholic Church: Time for a new war on birth control (