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Last Things for February 2010

Sustaining the Joy of Christmas Remember, Dec. 25 just starts celebrations of one of the greatest events in the ...

A Preacher Moves His Heart Before His Lips Priests have something to learn from the example of St. Joseph

Igniting Divine Fires We need priests. We need their authentic holiness!

Confessional Counseling on Prayer Confessors need to notice and seize opportunities for aiding some penitents in their ...

International Priests Retreat

International Priests Retreat The mark of holiness of the Church permeated the whole retreat

When It Comes to Public Policy We Must Share Faith

When It Comes to Public Policy We Must Share Faith In this country our Church has earned its place at the table of national debate on ...

New Age Ideas and the Christian Faith New Age ideas and practices are popular because people feel a void in their lives

Be Imitators of Jesus

Be Imitators of Jesus Homily Background for Fifth Sunday of Lent - Year C.

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