Multiple factors to blame for global fertility decline

Multiple factors to blame for global fertility decline Dropping birth rates, abortion, contraception and marriage decline have all played a ...

Unitive and procreative

Unitive and procreative In terms of human sexuality, the Church looks to what God has set forth and upholds that.

Top 5 NFP Happenings Natural family planning

A difficult case

A difficult case Lawsuit against diocese over in vitro fertilization puts humble, responsible priest ...

Infertility treatments must respect humanity of all involved, pope says He reminds scientists not to reduce their work to ‘a technical problem’

College students targeted in egg-selling plots Eggs are used for in-vitro fertilization and the donation procedure can come with ...

Experts debate future of world population Some believe the earth will undergo a ‘population bomb’ increase, others warn of a ...

Catholic women struggling with infertility form online community They blog about trials of being unable to conceive and offer each other support

Good ends don't justify bad scientific means

Good ends don't justify bad scientific means IVF and Tuskegee-type experiments violate a fundamental ethical principle

Editorial: Manufacturing babies "IVF turns procreation into manufacture."

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Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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