Mass Readings: Acts 16:1-10/John 15:18-21

Niceness vs. Love

Part of my brain says if I’m nice to everyone, nobody will hate me, nobody will be angry with me, everybody will like me. I’ve never found this to be true, yet my brain keeps giving me this message, and I keep wondering why the fantasy doesn’t work.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.” He accepts the price of love and dedication to God and tells you and me what to expect if we do likewise. Peace at any cost? Niceness above all else? No. Serving the Lord with full devotion will cause some individuals and groups to hate us. Then we’re faced with a twofold challenge: to respond to these people in love and to keep on serving God.

Prayer: Jesus, Savior, thank You for accepting the price of love. Help me to do likewise.