Mass Readings: Acts 15:22-31/John 15:12-17

What Fruit?

After I began writing professionally publishers wanted me to become nationally known so my books would sell like tickets to the Super Bowl. I should become a speaker. I should become famous. I should bear fruit in a big way. I bought into those expectations, only to run into God’s plan instead of anyone else’s.

Today, Jesus says He’s chosen us to “go and bear fruit that will remain.” (Part of this Gospel was used on May 14, too!) He doesn’t specify what fruit, and He doesn’t say we get to choose it. That choice belongs to God. We’re called to simply walk in faith and serve God. The rest — the fruit — is in His hands. That’s why now I think small rather than big, just focusing on God’s call to me today.

Prayer: Here I am, Lord. I come to do Your will.