Mass Readings: James 2:14-24,26/ Mark 8:34–9:1

Word Made Flesh

One of the sillier tricks we Christians have practiced over the centuries is to pit one part of God’s revelation against another part and then force people to choose. Is Jesus God or Man? Are we saved by faith or works? Such questions are like asking which blade on the scissors does the cutting. For of course, Jesus is both God and man: the Word made flesh. And just as He is made flesh, so our faith in Him has to be made flesh, too, or else it’s worthless.

If we talk about faith, but don’t do anything to love our neighbor, then it’s all just talk. Today, go pick one of the 14 works of spiritual and corporal mercy and give it a whack. Your reward will be great.

Prayer: Jesus, help us put our faith into action with our minds, hearts, hands, and feet.