Opening the Word: Appearing in glory

Opening the Word: Appearing in glory With his resurrection from the dead, Christ’s love for the world conquered sin, ...

Mystery of Christ’s resurrection unfolds in ‘Risen’

Mystery of Christ’s resurrection unfolds in ‘Risen’ A new film looks at the events after Christ’s passion through the eyes of one of the ...

Explaining 'three days'

Explaining 'three days' Linguistic differences can help us understand the time between when Christ died and ...

Resurrection Foreknowledge?

Resurrection Foreknowledge?

Living as Alleluia People Celebrate the joy of the Good News

The Trees Smile

The Trees Smile Our greatest symbol of hope is the death and resurrection of Jesus

Our New Life in Christ

Our New Life in Christ We are disciples called to witness - April 2015

Human and divine

Human and divine

A season of hope

A season of hope We celebrate the virtue during Easter as Christ’s resurrection is what makes ...

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