The high price — and not in dollars — of pornography

The high price — and not in dollars — of pornography Re-release of bishop's pastoral letter seems particularly timely



Mortal sins

Mortal sins Two sins may both be grave, but this does not imply equivalency between the two of them

The Precious Blood

The Precious Blood It is forbidden to reserve consecrated wine; true sacrament is received under either ...

Breaking habit of porn

Breaking habit of porn Try marking a Sign of the Cross on your computer when tempted to look at morally ...

From Virtual Reality to Real Virtue Internet pornography is a soul-eating downward plunge

Applying theology of the body to societal problems A deeper understanding of our bodies' physical and spiritual dimensions can shed light ...

Catholic psychologist trains confessors to battle pornography New York archdiocesan clergy among those learning how to help parishioners battle ...

Lust — why it’s the ‘it’ vice among the Seven Deadlies In our sexually toxic times, this sin racks up victims who buy the lie that ...

Flu halts handshakes

Flu halts handshakes When flu season prevents the traditional sign of peace from being exchanged, ...

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