Have you ever gone through one of those periods when nothing in your life seems to be connected or makes sense? I have heard it described as the back strings of a tapestry that will only be revealed, showing the correct side, once we enter heaven. Sometimes, though, we are given an early glimpse of how the Lord ties it together.

As a young woman, I didn’t know what to study in college, so I got a two-year degree in business. After a short break, I decided to go into social work and received a four-year degree in that. Still later, I pursued my Master’s Level Certificate in Catechesis. None of these things seemed to go together and I often wondered about the winding road I was on.

I have also been… um, blessed… with a big mouth. Every report card from elementary school through high school would say, “Nice girl, hard worker, but she talks way too much.” I felt cursed by my gift of gab.

Now for the cool part. I have just signed a contract for my newest book. I am very excited, but I am finding that now that I am no longer a novice at this, a lot is expected of me. I have developed a marketing plan (my business degree), worked on networking (social work) and of course I write about Catholic things (Certificate in Catechesis). On top of all this, I now give motivational talks on the subjects I write about. God even found a way to use that big mouth of mine! A picture of my life and the journey I have been on for 20 years has started to appear.

Even my family has been influenced by the course my life took. When I studied social work I had a special interest in autism research. Little did I know that I would one day give birth to a little girl who has a mild form of autism, Asperger’s syndrome. I have thanked God a million times that she was at least born into a family with some experience in this area. Because of this interest, I have been able to assist several other families in obtaining diagnosis and services for their children on the autism spectrum. Interestingly, my daughter was even born in April, which is National Autism Awareness Month.

It seems apparent to me now that even the smallest details of our lives are used by God in the most positive way. Trusting in his plan and giving all glory and honor to him for the talents and experiences he provides us with is the best way to honor the Lord as we live out our lives. God bless.