How do we know what God wants to say to us? This is an age old question. I think we begin in prayer. We can’t hear God if we aren’t talking and listening to Him. The Catholic Church does discuss another type of ‘hearing’ God’s will, by observing a ‘signal grace.’

A signal grace is a type of supernatural synchronicity; A sign that might have been missed had not the observer been paying attention. In, Our Lady’s 15 Promises for Saying the Rosary, a signal grace is considered to be a special and unique grace that helps to sanctify us in our particular state of life. For me, a signal grace is often a sign.

My husband and I had been discussing changes we needed to make in our spiritual life. We wanted to strengthen our family spiritually and my husband admitted he was struggling with it. We happened to be discussing this as we went out to lunch; suddenly he grinned ear-to-ear and pointed out the window. “I was just asking the Lord how to make this all work,” he said. Then he laughed and said, “Look at the answer.” The car outside our window had painted on it, in bold letters, “Have a little faith.” The Almighty also has a sense of humor. My husband immediately recognized it as a sign to him, a signal grace.

That same weekend our discussion continued. We talked about something I had seen about expecting miracles. My husband again admitted he had trouble with just believing something wonderful could happen. He looked at the bumper sticker in front of us, “Expect Miracles,” it proclaimed. We agreed that God was definitely trying to get our attention.

That’s all signal graces are, nods in our direction or affirmations that we made the right spiritual turn. Just like road signs give us clarity about the direction we want to go, so signal graces point us in the right spiritual direction. Being human, we can read too much into signs we see, but just being aware of what God may be trying to tell us can help us move along the correct path. May God bless you on your spiritual travels. Watch out for those signs.