The Tweets of Pope Francis

With more than 10 million people following his English-language Twitter account(@Pontifex), Pope Francis reaches out to the masses via social media. Here is a collection of his tweets.

“In a world which has been damaged by the virus of indifference, the works of mercy are the best antidote.”
— Nov. 14

“If you want to find God, seek him where he is hidden: in the neediest, the sick, the hungry, the imprisoned.”
— Nov. 13

“May we make God’s merciful love ever more evident in our world through dialogue, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation.” 
— Nov. 9

“Christian life is a journey, but not a sorrowful journey; it is joyful.”
— Nov. 3

“The saints have found the secret of authentic happiness, which lies deep within the soul and has its source in the love of God.”
— Nov. 1

“Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who encounter discrimination and pay a personal price for their fidelity to the Gospel.”
— Oct. 28

“Love is a patient effort by persons who dedicate themselves to listening and drawing closer to others.”
— Oct. 26