Mass Readings: Isaiah:1:10-17/Matthew 10:34–11:1

Maternal Love

I don’t like Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel: “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.” While I understand His words, I always recoil from them. Family is of primal importance to me. The longer I live and the larger my family grows, I’m all the more mindful of their central importance in my very existence. And I think on some days I do love my family more than I love God. Especially today.

My mother died nine years ago today at the age of 78. A respectable age to die, I suppose. Still, none of us was ready to let her go. As we gathered around her deathbed, it seemed as if our very hearts were leaving the earth with her. Nothing mattered more than my mother at that moment.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for understanding my misplaced priorities.