Nov. 19, 2017: Be Diligent, For the Lord is Coming Homily Help for 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nov. 26, 2017: He comes in glory Homily Help for Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

To advance the cause of life

To advance the cause of life As priests, we must pray and love as Christ loves in the Eucharist

‘St. Francis Before the Bishop’

‘St. Francis Before the Bishop’ Taddeo Gaddi, Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence — c. 1338

The Blessing of Pets

The Blessing of Pets Animals have the ability to offer us joy and companionship

Homily Advice from the Pews

Homily Advice from the Pews A layman suggests how priests can be more effective preachers

Embracing the Sorrows of Life with Mary

Embracing the Sorrows of Life with Mary How devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows can help us understand suffering and pain

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