Fill Your Cup This Summer

Fill Your Cup This Summer During the slower months, find what inspires you

Closed for the Summer?

Closed for the Summer? Keep your parish vibrant and your parishioners engaged

Forming a Pastoral Plan

Forming a Pastoral Plan How to keep Christ at the center of your parish’s mission

Cybersecurity in the Parish

Cybersecurity in the Parish We have a duty to guard what has been entrusted to us

We Are One Body

We Are One Body Being part of a community is an important aspect of our faith

Opportunities for Virtue

Opportunities for Virtue This Lent, offer your flock ways to pray, fast and give alms

Leading a Changing Parish

Leading a Changing Parish In order to improve our churches, we need to improve ourselves

Resources at Your Fingertips

Resources at Your Fingertips Smartphone apps that can help priests in their ministries

Effective Sacramental Prep

Effective Sacramental Prep We must meet the people where they are at on their journey

Bulletin Bored?

Bulletin Bored? Ideas on how to use the bulletin to catechize and evangelize

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