“Baptism. Bringing a child into the Faith and becoming part of that family. In explaining the rite of baptism, you can bring people to faith and help them to understand their role as parents and godparents. You sometimes may plant the seed in a non-Catholic to begin a journey to becoming a Catholic.”

Father Kenneth Kolibas, Raritan, New Jersey

“The daily celebration of the Mass is, for me, the most life-giving. That being said, at our parish we have confessions every Wednesday evening, and the number of people who come from all over to receive God’s forgiveness, sometimes after being away for decades, is amazing, and for me it is an incredible privilege that brings joy to my priesthood.”

Father Steve Jekielek, Tonawanda, New York

“Taking holy Communion daily to the dying until their death brings tremendous joy to my life as a priest. As a priest, doing everything possible to ensure the person has all the spiritual help the Church offers to the dying is most important to me. This quiet work of mercy fills my heart with hope that when I die these same souls will testify on my behalf as to the kind of priest I was for them.”

Father Douglas Loecke, Cascade, Iowa

“As I see parishioners living their faith in their care for one another and the community, I see reflected in them the love and joy of the Lord. Daily prayer and liturgy help me to celebrate God’s presence in my life. Signs of his love and care that give me joy and peace.”

Father Pat McDermott, Tacoma, Washington

“Seeing couples whose marriages I have witnessed as a priest attending Mass together and then later baptizing their children and seeing them worshipping regularly as a family.”

Father Michael Quinn, Sausalito, California

“Building up the kingdom of God in my hometown.”

Father John Stanton, West Seneca, New York

“Practices that give inexpressible joy are those that bring people to Jesus Christ. I hosted ‘pizza with the padre’ for engaged couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. Many are not churched, so the event allowed for a soft entry to get connected with the Church.”

Msgr. Charles Kosanke, Detroit