Mass Readings: Acts 4:1–12/John 21:1–14

Why 153?

In a drugged state after my craniotomy, I had crazy thoughts. Fortunately, those around me believed me when I said it was the drugs speaking, but I’m still embarrassed when I recall the new religion I, Nick Cafarelli, was going to found. It would be called Cafarelli-ism (with a break-off “3 i” sect called Cafarelli-i-ism). And guess who would be the Grand Poobah?

An enterprising huckster could start a new sect based on today’s Gospel reading, where Peter nets exactly 153 fish. The sect could be called the 153-ers and an elaborate theology could be created. Imagine my disappointment when I consulted a commentary that said ancient zoologists thought there were 153 kinds of fish in the world. So Peter was to gather all nations into the net of the Church. Reality is better than fantasy sometimes.

Prayer: St. Peter, pray for your Easter Church throughout the world. Alleluia!