Lost in translation

Lost in translation While common in Protestant churches, the extra verse of the Lord’s Prayer isn’t in the ...

Opening the Word: Answered prayers

Opening the Word: Answered prayers Christ shows us in the Lord’s Prayer that we pray not to change God’s mind but to ...

Our Father

Our Father A meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

What it means to say ‘Our Father’

What it means to say ‘Our Father’ An excerpt from ‘The Heart of Catholic Prayer: Rediscovering the Our Father and the ...

Using low-gluten hosts

Using low-gluten hosts In order to be valid matter for Eucharist, Communion hosts must have a little gluten

Praying Together with Those in Advanced Dementia

The words we pray

The words we pray Put your heart and soul into prayers like the Our Father even if you don't fully ...

Give us our daily bread

Give us our daily bread In the OurFather, we pray for what will get us through today, letting God take care of ...

Scientology explained

Scientology explained Scientologists support such gnostic concepts such as the person is not a body, but a ...

Lead us not into temptation Prayer -- particularly the Our Father -- makes it possible for us, though mere men and ...

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