Mass Readings: Hosea 2:16,17b-18,21-22/Matthew 9:18-26

The Following Jesus

We’re very accustomed to using various forms of the word follow in reference to Jesus. We follow Him. We are His followers. But in Matthew’s Gospel today, there is an astounding use of the verb that inverts our normal use. When a distraught father implores Jesus’ help for his “dead” daughter, Matthew tells us, “Jesus rose and followed him.” I reread that line three times to make sure it wasn’t a misprint.

The Lord of the Universe follows the pain-wracked father. He follows me. He follows you. I’ve indulged in a little mental exercise in which I imagine Jesus following me. I’m not quite sure the full impact has sunk in yet. Still, the image seems overflowing with Divine Love.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for loving me enough to follow me.