Did Pope Francis endorse the use of contraception?

Did Pope Francis endorse the use of contraception? When asked about preventing pregnancy because of the Zika virus, the Holy Father cited ...

Zika outbreak raises ethical questions

Zika outbreak raises ethical questions With birth defects associated with the virus, women are being urged to delay pregnancies

How to get more out of Mass

How to get more out of Mass By deepening our knowledge and gratitude of the Eucharist, our worship becomes more ...

Finding the willpower to improve spiritually Demonstrating self-control in small areas of our lives can make a big difference overall

Finding happiness through gratitude for life's blessings

The measure of true happiness Material goods may give us some pleasure, but they aren’t on par with service to ...

Catholic Church: Is it the 'greatest force for evil?' Some find it easy to demonize the ‘institutional’ Church. Why the hate is wrong and ...

Does the Catholic Church oppose science? A tireless myth says that it does, but the Church’s track record throughout history ...

Poking holes in logic of same-sex marriage ruling Judge’s decision makes claims about discrimination, procreation’s role that don’t hold ...

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