Avoid unnecessary work on Sundays

Re: “My new protest” (Guest Column, June 15).

I agree. I think that we should start a movement. I work in a hospital and I knew going into my profession that I would have to work weekends and holidays, but there are plenty of jobs where it is not necessary to be open on weekends. The employees that have to work at those jobs truly miss out on a quality of life. We all complain about the rat race; this would be one way to show our true protest. Thank you for stating something that should be obvious to all Catholics.

Lori Check, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Acceptable work?

Re: “Keeping the Lord’s day” (Faith, June 15) and “My new protest” (Guest Column, June 15).

Msgr. Pope wrote about working on Sunday. In addition, J.D. Mullane wrote about how he came to realize that he should stop work that is really unnecessary on Sundays. It took about 25 adult years for it to dawn on me that walking around in the stores at the local mall and occasionally buying something on Sunday — all of which I very much enjoyed — was promoting work on the part of others on Sunday. Both Msgr. Pope and J.D. Mullane point out that charity necessitates certain kinds of work on Sunday (police, fireman, medical emergency).

I still wonder about restaurants (on Sundays, in particular, people enjoy a relaxed meal out) and entertainment (a good movie, a professional baseball game — even just the TV) all of which require Sunday workers. Seems to me these are also on the “acceptable list.”

Theresa Haines, St. Petersburg, Florida

Interesting shrine

Re: “St. Anthony’s Chapel — where Scripture is alive” (Openers, June 8).

I was very interested in your visit to St. Anthony’s Chapel in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the privilege of visiting there, but it will be on my list of pilgrimages when I next visit Pennsylvania.

However, there is another shrine in Maria Stein, Ohio (northeast of Dayton) that was established in 1875. The present chapel was built in 1880-1892.

The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics has a collection of more than 1,000 documented relics of the saints. Admittedly, not as extensive as St. Anthony’s Chapel, but it is a very interesting place to visit.

Bill Jagenow, North Port, Florida

Gifted columnist

Re: “Expressing gratitude” (Catholic Journal, June 1).

I am writing to pass along my good wishes to Bob Lockwood. I am excited when I know it is a week for his column. Nothing against other columnists, but I think he is special and I relate very well to most everything he writes about. He has been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he will be feeling good and back to writing his column again soon. I think Bob just has a unique gift of getting right to the core on whatever issue he is discussing.

Ken Mark, via email

Proper justice

Re: “Recent botched executions are cause for alarm” (News Analysis, June 15).

Even though I’m a Catholic, I’ll be open and honest: I’m in favor of the death penalty.

I believe victims should get proper justice. This shouldn’t always mean capital offenders get free food and housing (three hots and a cot) for their life. Not to mention the fact that my tax dollar pays the tab.

Having admitted to that, there are more ways than lethal injection for justice.

Joe Negrich, Toledo, Ohio

Political issue

Re: “Immigration reform” (In Brief, June 22).

I read that Archbishop Kurtz is calling for immigration reform. I beg all the bishops not to get on board with that nonsense. The only reform this country needs is to enforce the laws already on the books. The United States is a sovereign nation, and we have a right to control our borders, just like every other nation. Immigration is not a humanitarian or a Christian issue. It is a political issue.

Patrick Christle, New Haven, Indiana
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