Washington rolls out red carpet for Pope Benedict The pontiff's weeklong visit to nation's capital and New York takes months of planning ...

Las Vegas bishop finds success in city of excess Confessions are up in growing diocese, which welcomes many tourists

Center helps Catholics keep faith in D.C. It provides Mass, confession and discussions for workers in the capital

Catholic, public schools face same drug problems Dioceses work to prevent substance abuse in different ways, but faith is a common theme.

Charismatic spirit spreads with Latino Catholics The decline of "national parishes" and rise of more integrated parishes in the United ...

Church cannot answer all end-of-life questions Problems people have with illness are not from Church teachings but because we don't ...

Catholics look at death from different perspective Maryland bishops want to give the faithful a pastoral guide for end-of-life decisions, ...

Laity new leaders in labor initiatives Decline in blue-collar workers, rise in white-collar workers means U.S. unions changing

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