Conscience rights under Trump

Conscience rights under Trump Protections for believers can be strengthened through rescinded regulations, new ...

Examining Your Conscience

Examining Your Conscience Consult the Ten Commandments before confession

A movie not about religion, but faith

A movie not about religion, but faith ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ depicts World War II noncombatant’s struggle to live out faith convictions

Church vocabulary

Church vocabulary Church uses nuances in roots, meaning of words to reveal truths about Christ and the ...

U.S. House members in bipartisan vote pass Conscience Protection Act

U.S. House members in bipartisan vote pass Conscience Protection Act

Matter of conscience

Matter of conscience Catholics at an alarming rate are ignoring Church teaching, Scripture when making ...

A formed conscience

A formed conscience Believing something is right doesn’t make it so, which is why the Church points us to ...

Forming conscience

Forming conscience Catechism says that our interior voice of conscience is God pointing us toward moral ...

Christians and guns

Christians and guns Contemplating the morality of firearms and the value of human life can help form the ...

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