Marriage challenge

Marriage challenge While the Church has a say over who gets ordained, Catholics are responsible for who ...

Holy Orders

Revisiting Ordination A meditation for priests

A Veteran Pastor Considers Ideal Associates

A Veteran Pastor Considers Ideal Associates God is the treasure that people hope to find in a priest

Catholic Almanac: Holy Orders An overview of Holy Orders

Opening the Word: Why Can't Women Be Priests?

Opening the Word: Why Can't Women Be Priests? The Church's teaching about priestly ordination

The Blessing of Priests Give thanks for good priests

Answering the 'why not?' of women's ordination Vatican’s controversial statement on ‘attempted ordination’ revives ordination debate ...

A Dream at Ordination

A Dream at Ordination ‘That this human heart may be Christ-like through the years’

A grave offense

A grave offense The Church is alert and taking full measures to guard against the sexual abuse of children

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Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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