Share wisdom with those dealing with change

Share wisdom with those dealing with change In order to help those adapting we, as Catholics, should be encouraging, foster new ...

Catholic America

Catholic America The best lesson of the majesty of Christianity and its message is in the example of ...

Stemming the rising tide of the religiously unaffiliated Younger Americans, in particular, lack church ties; FOCUS missionaries are hard at ...

'Theology on Tap' impacts students in Australia

'Theology on Tap' impacts students in Australia Theology on Tap in Sydney regularly draws hundreds with big-name speakers.

They Are Not Too Young Conversions to Christ still happen among youth

Eight ways to stay on a faithful path while at school Make time for prayers, Mass and spiritual reading in addition to hitting books, going ...

‘Generation Me’ The promise and challenge

What millennials believe

What millennials believe A recent report suggests millennials are losing touch with the Faith. Meet six ...

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