Catholic Almanac
Patron Saints

A patron is a saint who is venerated as a special intercessor before God. Most patrons have been so designated as the result of popular devotion and long-standing custom. In many cases, the fact of existing patronal devotion is clear despite historical obscurity regarding its origin. The Church has made official designation of relatively few patrons; in such cases, the dates of designation are given in parentheses in the list below. The theological background of the patronage of saints includes the dogmas of the Mystical Body of Christ and the Communion of Saints. Listed are patron saints of occupations and professions, and saints whose intercession is sought for special needs.


Academics: Thomas Aquinas.

Accommodations: Gertrude of Nivelles.

Accountants: Matthew.

Actors: Genesius.

Adopted children: Clotilde; Thomas More.

Advertisers: Bernardine of Siena (May 20, 1960).

Alcoholics: John of God; Monica.

Alpinists: Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon) (Aug. 20, 1923).

Altar servers: John Berchmans.

Anesthetists: René Goupil.

Animals: Francis of Assisi.

Archaeologists: Damasus.

Archers: Sebastian.

Architects: Thomas, Apostle.

Art: Catherine of Bologna.

Artists: Luke, Catherine of Bologna, Bl. Angelico (Feb. 21, 1984).

Astronauts: Joseph Cupertino.

Astronomers: Dominic.

Athletes: Sebastian.

Authors: Francis de Sales.

Aviators: Our Lady of Loreto (1920), Thérèse of Lisieux, Joseph of Cupertino.

Bakers: Elizabeth of Hungary, Nicholas.

Bankers: Matthew.

Barbers: Cosmas and Damian, Louis.

Barren women: Anthony of Padua, Felicity.

Basket-makers: Anthony, Abbot.

Bees: Ambrose.

Birth: Margaret.

Beggars: Martin of Tours.

Blacksmiths: Dunstan.

Blind: Odilia, Raphael.

Blood banks: Januarius.

Bodily ills: Our Lady of Lourdes.

Bookbinders: Peter Celestine.

Bookkeepers: Matthew.

Booksellers: John of God.

Boy Scouts: George.

Brewers: Augustine of Hippo, Luke, Nicholas of Myra.

Bricklayers: Stephen.

Brides: Nicholas of Myra.

Bridges: John of Nepomucene.

Broadcasters: Gabriel.

Brushmakers: Anthony, Abbot.

Builders: Vincent Ferrer.

Bus drivers: Christopher.

Butchers: Anthony (Abbot), Luke.

Butlers: Adelelm.

Cabdrivers: Fiacre.

Cabinetmakers: Anne.

Cancer patients: Peregrine.

Canonists: Raymond of Peñafort.

Carpenters: Joseph.

Catechists: Viator, Charles Borromeo, Robert Bellarmine.

Catholic Action: Francis of Assisi (1916).

Catholic Press: Francis de Sales.

Chandlers: Ambrose, Bernard of Clairvaux.

Chaplains: John of Capistrano.

Charitable societies: Vincent de Paul (May 12, 1885).

Chastity: Thomas Aquinas.

Childbirth: Raymond Nonnatus; Gerard Majella.

Children: Nicholas of Myra.

Children of Mary: Agnes, Maria Goretti.

Choirboys: Dominic Savio (June 8, 1956), Holy Innocents.

Church: Joseph (Dec. 8, 1870).

Circus people: Julian the Hospitaller.

Clerics: Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother.

Colleges: Thomas Aquinas.

Comedians: Vitus.

Communications personnel: Bernardine.

Confessors: Alphonsus Liguori (Apr. 26, 1950), John Nepomucene.

Converts: Helena; Vladimir.

Convulsive children: Scholastica.

Cooks: Lawrence, Martha.

Coopers: Nicholas of Myra.

Coppersmiths: Maurus.

Dairy workers: Brigid.

Dancers: Vitus.

Deaf: Francis de Sales.

Dentists: Apollonia.

Desperate situations: Gregory of Neocaesarea, Jude Thaddeus, Rita of Cascia.

Dietitians (in hospitals): Martha.

Diplomats: Gabriel.

Divorce: Helena.

Drug addiction: Maximilian Kolbe.

Dyers: Maurice, Lydia.

Dying: Joseph.

Ecologists: Francis of Assisi (Nov. 29, 1979).

Ecumenists: Cyril and Methodius.

Editors: John Bosco.

Emigrants: Frances Xavier Cabrini (Sept. 8, 1950).

Endurance: Pantaleon.

Engineers: Ferdinand III.

Epilepsy, Motor Diseases: Vitus, Willibrord.

Eucharistic congresses and societies: Paschal Baylon (Nov. 28, 1897).

Expectant mothers: Raymond Nonnatus, Gerard Majella.

Eye diseases: Lucy.

Falsely accused: Raymond Nonnatus.

Farmers: George, Isidore.

Farriers: John the Baptist.

Firemen: Florian.

Fire prevention: Catherine of Siena.

First communicants: Tarcisius.

Fishermen: Andrew.

Florists: Thérèse of Lisieux.

Forest workers: John Gualbert.

Foundlings: Holy Innocents.

Friendship: John the Divine.

Fullers: Anastasius the Fuller, James the Less.

Funeral directors: Joseph of Arimathea, Dismas.

Gardeners: Adelard, Tryphon, Fiacre, Phocas.

Glassworkers: Luke.

Goldsmiths: Dunstan, Anastasius.

Gravediggers: Anthony, Abbot.

Greetings: Valentine.

Grocers: Michael.

Grooms: King Louis IX of France.

Hairdressers: Martin de Porres.

Happy meetings: Raphael.

Hatters: Severus of Ravenna, James the Less.

Headache sufferers: Teresa of Jesus (Ávila).

Heart patients: John of God.

Homeless: Margaret of Cortona; Benedict Joseph Labré.

Horses: Giles; Hippolytus.

Housekeepers: Zita.

Hospital administrators: Basil the Great, Frances X. Cabrini.

Hospitals: Camillus de Lellis and John of God (June 22, 1886), Jude Thaddeus.

Housewives: Anne.

Hunters: Hubert, Eustachius.

Infantrymen: Maurice.

Innkeepers: Amand, Martha, Julian the Hospitaller.

Innocence: Hallvard.

Invalids: Roch.

Janitors: Theobald.

Jewelers: Eligius, Dunstan.

Journalists: Francis de Sales (Apr. 26, 1923).

Jurists: John Capistran.

Laborers: Isidore, James, John Bosco.

Lawyers: Ivo (Yves Helory), Genesius, Thomas More.

Learning: Ambrose.

Librarians: Jerome.

Lighthouse keepers: Venerius (Mar. 10, 1961).

Linguists: Gottschalk.

Locksmiths: Dunstan.

Lost souls: Nicholas of Tolentino.

Lovers: Raphael; Valentine.

Lunatics: Christina.

Maids: Zita.

Marble workers: Clement I.

Mariners: Michael, Nicholas of Tolentino.

Medical record librarians: Raymond of Peñafort.

Medical social workers: John Regis.

Medical technicians: Albert the Great.

Mentally ill: Dymphna.

Merchants: Francis of Assisi, Nicholas of Myra.

Messengers: Gabriel.

Metal workers: Eligius.

Military chaplains: John Capistran (Feb. 10, 1984).

Millers: Arnulph, Victor.

Missions, foreign: Francis Xavier (Mar. 25, 1904), Thérèse of Lisieux (Dec. 14, 1927).

Missions, black: Peter Claver (1896, Leo XIII), Benedict the Black.

Missions, parish: Leonard of Port Maurice (Mar. 17, 1923).

Monks: Benedict of Nursia.

Mothers: Monica.

Motorcyclists: Our Lady of Grace.

Motorists: Christopher, Frances of Rome.

Mountaineers: Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon).

Musicians: Gregory the Great, Cecilia, Dunstan.

Mystics: John of the Cross.

Notaries: Luke, Mark.

Nuns: Bridget.

Nurses: Camillus de Lellis and John of God (1930, Pius XI), Agatha, Raphael.

Nursing and nursing service: Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine of Siena.

Orators: John Chrysostom (July 8, 1908).

Organ builders: Cecilia.

Orphans: Jerome Emiliani.

Painters: Luke.

Paratroopers: Michael.

Pawnbrokers: Nicholas.

Plumbers: Vincent Ferrer.

Pharmacists: Cosmas and Damian, James the Greater.

Pharmacists (in hospitals): Gemma Galgani.

Philosophers: Justin.

Physicians: Pantaleon, Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Raphael.

Pilgrims: James the Greater.

Plasterers: Bartholomew.

Poets: David, Cecilia.

Politicians: Thomas More

Poison sufferers: Benedict.

Policemen: Michael.

Poor: Lawrence, Anthony of Padua.

Poor souls: Nicholas of Tolentino.

Popes: Gregory I the Great.

Porters: Christopher.

Possessed: Bruno, Denis.

Postal employees: Gabriel.

Priests: Jean-Baptiste Vianney (Apr. 23, 1929).

Printers: John of God, Augustine of Hippo, Genesius.

Prisoners: Dismas, Joseph Cafasso.

Protector of crops: Ansovinus.

Public relations: Bernardine of Siena (May 20, 1960).

Public relations (of hospitals): Paul, Apostle.

Publishers: John the Divine.

Race relations: Martin de Porres.

Radiologists: Michael (Jan. 15, 1941).

Radio workers: Gabriel.

Refugees: Alban.

Retreats: Ignatius Loyola (July 25, 1922).

Rheumatism: James the Greater.

Saddlers: Crispin and Crispinian.

Sailors: Cuthbert, Brendan, Eulalia, Christopher, Peter Gonzalez, Erasmus, Nicholas.

Scholars: Bede the Venerable; Brigid.

Schools, Catholic: Thomas Aquinas (Aug. 4, 1880), Joseph Calasanz (Aug. 13, 1948).

Scientists: Albert (Aug. 13, 1948).

Sculptors: Four Crowned Martyrs.

Seamen: Francis of Paola.

Searchers of lost articles: Anthony of Padua.

Secretaries: Genesius.

Secular Franciscans: Louis of France, Elizabeth of Hungary.

Seminarians: Charles Borromeo.

Servants: Martha, Zita.

Shepherds: Drogo.

Shoemakers: Crispin and Crispinian.

Sick: Michael, John of God and Camillus de Lellis (June 22, 1886).

Silversmiths: Andronicus.

Singers: Gregory, Cecilia.

Single mothers: Margaret of Cortona.

Single women: Catherine of Alexandria.

Skaters: Lidwina.

Skiers: Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon).

Social workers: Louise de Marillac (Feb. 12, 1960).

Soldiers: Hadrian, George, Ignatius, Sebastian, Martin of Tours, Joan of Arc.

Speleologists: Benedict.

Stamp collectors: Gabriel.

Stenographers: Genesius, Cassian.

Stonecutters: Clement.

Stonemasons: Stephen.

Stress: Walter of Portnoise.

Students: Thomas Aquinas.

Surgeons: Cosmas and Damian, Luke.

Swimmers: Adjutor.

Swordsmiths: Maurice.

Tailors: Homobonus.

Tanners: Crispin and Crispinian, Simon.

Tax collectors: Matthew.

Teachers: Gregory the Great, John Baptist de la Salle (May 15, 1950).

Telecommunications workers: Gabriel (Jan. 12, 1951).

Television: Clare of Assisi (Feb. 14, 1958).

Television workers: Gabriel.

Thieves: Dismas.

Theologians: Augustine, Alphonsus Liguori.

Throat ailments: Blase.

Torture victims: Alban; Eustachius; Regina; Vincent; Victor of Marseilles.

Toymakers: Claude.

Travelers: Anthony of Padua, Nicholas of Myra, Christopher, Raphael.

Travel hostesses: Bona (Mar. 2, 1962).

Truck drivers: Christopher.

Universities: Blessed Contardo Ferrini.

Veterinarians: Blaise.

Vocations: Alphonsus.

Whales: Brendan the Voyager.

Watchmen: Peter of Alcantara.

Weavers: Paul the Hermit, Anastasius the Fuller, Anastasia.

Wine merchants: Amand.

Wineries: Morand; Vincent.

Women in labor: Anne.

Workingmen: Joseph.

Writers: Francis de Sales (Apr. 26, 1923), Lucy.

Yachtsmen: Adjutor.

Young girls: Agnes.

Youth: Aloysius Gonzaga (1729, Benedict XIII; 1926, Pius XI), John Berchmans, Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother.

Patron Saints of Places

Albania: Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Alsace: Odilia.

Americas: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rose of Lima.

Angola: Immaculate Heart of Mary (Nov. 21, 1984).

Argentina: Our Lady of Lujan.

Armenia: Gregory Illuminator.

Asia Minor: John, Evangelist.

Australia: Our Lady Help of Christians.

Belgium: Joseph.

Bohemia: Wenceslaus, Ludmilla.

Bolivia: Our Lady of Copacabana "Virgen de la Candelaria."

Borneo: Francis Xavier.

Brazil: Nossa Señora de Aparecida, Immaculate Conception, Peter of Alcantara.

Canada: Joseph, Anne.

Chile: James the Greater, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

China: Joseph.

Colombia: Peter Claver, Louis Bertran.

Corsica: Immaculate Conception.

Cuba: Our Lady of Charity.

Czechoslovakia: Wenceslaus, John Nepomucene, Procopius.

Denmark: Ansgar, Canute.

Dominican Republic: Our Lady of High Grace, Dominic.

East Indies: Thomas, Apostle.

Ecuador: Sacred Heart.

El Salvador: Our Lady of Peace (Oct. 10, 1966).

England: George.

Equatorial Guinea: Immaculate Conception (May 25, 1986).

Europe: Benedict (1964), Cyril and Methodius, co-patrons (Dec. 31, 1980); Sts. Catherine of Siena, Bridget of Sweden, and Edith Stein, co-patronesses (Oct. 1, 1999).

Finland: Henry.

France: Our Lady of the Assumption, Joan of Arc, Thérèse (May 3, 1944).

Germany: Boniface, Michael.

Gibraltar: Blessed Virgin Mary under title, "Our Lady of Europe" (May 31, 1979).

Greece: Nicholas, Andrew.

Holland: Willibrord.

Hungary: Blessed Virgin, "Great Lady of Hungary," Stephen, King.

Iceland: Thorlac (Jan. 14, 1984).

India: Our Lady of Assumption.

Ireland: Patrick, Brigid and Columba.

Italy: Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena.

Japan: Peter Baptist.

Korea: Joseph and Mary, Mother of the Church.

Lesotho: Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Lithuania: Casimir, Bl. Cunegunda.

Luxembourg: Willibrord.

Malta: Paul, Our Lady of the Assumption.

Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Monaco: Devota.

Moravia: Cyril and Methodius.

New Zealand: Our Lady Help of Christians.

Norway: Olaf.

Papua New Guinea (including northern Solomon Islands): Michael the Archangel (May 31, 1979).

Paraguay: Our Lady of Assumption (July 13, 1951).

Peru: Joseph (Mar. 19, 1957).

Philippines: Sacred Heart of Mary.

Poland: Casimir, Bl. Cunegunda, Stanislaus of Krakow, Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Portugal: Immaculate Conception, Francis Borgia, Anthony of Padua, Vincent of Saragossa, George.

Russia: Andrew, Nicholas of Myra, Thérèse of Lisieux.

Scandinavia: Ansgar.

Scotland: Andrew, Columba.

Silesia: Hedwig.

Slovakia: Our Lady of Sorrows.

South Africa: Our Lady of Assumption (Mar. 15, 1952).

South America: Rose of Lima.

Solomon Islands: BVM, under title Most Holy Name of Mary (Sept. 4, 1991).

Spain: James the Greater, Teresa.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon): Lawrence.

Sweden: Bridget, Eric.

Tanzania: Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8, 1964).

United States: Immaculate Conception (1846).

Uruguay: Blessed Virgin Mary under title "La Virgen de los Treinte y Tres" (Nov. 21, 1963).

Venezuela: Our Lady of Coromoto.

Wales: David.

West Indies: Gertrude.

Emblems, Portrayals of Saints

Agatha: Tongs, veil.

Agnes: Lamb.

Ambrose: Bees, dove, ox, pen.

Andrew: Transverse cross.

Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin: Door.

Anthony of Padua: Infant Jesus, bread, book, lily.

Augustine of Hippo: Dove, child, shell, pen.

Bartholomew: Knife, flayed and holding his skin.

Benedict: Broken cup, raven, bell, crosier, bush.

Bernard of Clairvaux: Pen, bees, instruments of the Passion.

Bernardine of Siena: Tablet or sun inscribed with IHS.

Blase: Wax, taper, iron comb.

Bonaventure: Communion, ciborium, cardinal’s hat.

Boniface: Oak, ax, book, fox, scourge, fountain, raven, sword.

Bridget of Sweden: Book, pilgrim’s staff.

Bridget of Kildare: Cross, flame over her head, candle.

Catherine of Ricci: Ring, crown, crucifix.

Catherine of Siena: Stigmata, cross, ring, lily.

Cecilia: Organ.

Charles Borromeo: Communion, coat of arms with word "Humilitas."

Christopher: Giant, torrent, tree, Child Jesus on his shoulders.

Clare of Assisi: Monstrance.

Cosmas and Damian: A phial, box of ointment.

Cyril of Alexandria: Blessed Virgin holding the Child Jesus, pen.

Cyril of Jerusalem: Purse, book.

Dominic: Rosary, star.

Edmund the Martyr: Arrow, sword.

Elizabeth of Hungary: Alms, flowers, bread, the poor, a pitcher.

Francis of Assisi: Wolf, birds, fish, skull, the Stigmata.

Francis Xavier: Crucifix, bell, vessel.

Genevieve: Bread, keys, herd, candle.

George: Dragon.

Gertrude: Crown, taper, lily.

Gervase and Protase: Scourge, club, sword.

Gregory I (the Great): Tiara, crosier, dove.

Helena: Cross.

Ignatius of Loyola: Communion, chasuble, book, apparition of Our Lord.

Isidore: Bees, pen.

James the Greater: Pilgrim’s staff, shell, key, sword.

James the Less: Square rule, halberd, club.

Jerome: Lion.

John Berchmans: Rule of St. Ignatius, cross, rosary.

John Chrysostom: Bees, dove, pen.

John of God: Alms, a heart, crown of thorns.

John the Baptist: Lamb, head on platter, skin of an animal.

John the Evangelist: Eagle, chalice, kettle, armor.

Josaphat Kuncevyc: Chalice, crown, winged deacon.

Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin: Infant Jesus, lily, rod, plane, carpenter’s square.

Jude: Sword, square rule, club.

Justin Martyr: Ax, sword.

Lawrence: Cross, book of the Gospels, gridiron.

Leander of Seville: A pen.

Liberius: Pebbles, peacock.

Longinus: In arms at foot of the cross.

Louis IX of France: Crown of thorns, nails.

Lucy: Cord, eyes on a dish.

Luke: Ox, book, brush, palette.

Mark: Lion, book.

Martha: Holy water sprinkler, dragon.

Mary Magdalene: Alabaster box of ointment.

Matilda: Purse, alms.

Matthew: Winged man, purse, lance.

Matthias: Lance.

Maurus: Scales, spade, crutch.

Meinrad: Two ravens.

Michael: Scales, banner, sword, dragon.

Monica: Girdle, tears.

Nicholas: Three purses or balls, anchor or boat, child.

Patrick: Cross, harp, serpent, baptismal font, demons, shamrock.

Paul: Sword, book or scroll.

Peter: Keys, boat, cock.

Philip, Apostle: Column.

Philip Neri: Altar, chasuble, vial.

Rita of Cascia: Rose, crucifix, thorn.

Roch: Angel, dog, bread.

Rose of Lima: Crown of thorns, anchor, city.

Sebastian: Arrows, crown.

Simon Stock: Scapular.

Teresa of Jesus (Ávila): Heart, arrow, book.

Thérèse of Lisieux: Roses entwining a crucifix.

Thomas, Apostle: Lance, ax.

Thomas Aquinas: Chalice, monstrance, dove, ox, person trampled under foot.

Vincent de Paul: Children.

Vincent Ferrer: Pulpit, cardinal’s hat, trumpet, captives.