A Patron Saint of the Internet

St. Isidore of Seville died in 636, so he never surfed the web, had a Facebook account, or downloaded tunes to his iPod. But he did compile a 30-volume encyclopedia of all the knowledge of his time. In the 1990s, when Catholic webmasters were looking for their own saint, they heard about Isidore’s encyclopedia, thought it sounded like the world’s first database, and proclaimed St. Isidore the patron saint of the Internet! Pray to St. Isidore for help with quick and easy web searches.

Prayer to St. Isidore
Dear St. Isidore of Seville,
Guide us in our use of the Internet.
You were a poor student.
You gave this problem over to God
and became one of the most learned men of your time,
writing dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a history of the world.
O Servant of God, we are poor students:
while we celebrate the wealth of information we can find online,
keep up wary of the dangers that exist there, too.
Pray for us that we might seek wisdom, protection,
and right judgment at the feet of Christ our Savior.
O Patron Saint of the Internet, pray for us!

saint for cleaning

A Patron Saint for Keeping Your Room Clean

So you hate to clean your room? Imagine having to clean a whole palace—for 48 years. And not just clean, but cook, watch the children, and put up with your boss’s temper tantrums. Whenever St. Zita felt like she could not possibly wash one more window or dust one more piece of furniture, she imagined she was doing her work for God, and suddenly the housework wasn’t so boring any more. Pray to St. Zita for the energy and patience to help with chores.

A Patron Saint for Snow Days

On a hot August night in 352, the Blessed Mother appeared in a dream to Pope Liberius and to a Roman senator named John telling them to build a church dedicated to her on the Esquiline Hill. The next day the pope and the senator visited the Esquiline and saw the exact spot where Mary wanted her church—it was outlined in snow. The next time you’re hoping for a snow day, pray to Our Lady of the Snow!

A Patron Saint for Athletes

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati is not just the patron of athletes. He’s the patron saint of the adrenaline rush. He loved mountain climbing and long hikes, but his favorite sport was skiing—particularly wild freestyle skiing races down the Alps. He would have loved snowboarding. Pray to St. Frassati when you want to learn a new sport.

A Patron Saint of Music Lessons

It is said that in her heart St. Cecilia always sang a hymn to Jesus. Over the centuries great artists have shown St. Cecilia playing a pipe organ as she sings, so she has become the patron saint of all musicians, and music students. Ask for St. Cecilia to inspire you the next time you don’t feel like practicing.

A Patron Saint for Candymakers

If you get an especially good haul of candy on Halloween, thank St. Macarius the Younger. He made and sold candy in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Later he gave up his successful business to become a hermit where he lived on raw vegetables, bread, and water. There must have been days when he really missed jellybeans. Think of St. Macarius the next time you’re craving sweet.

Thomas Craughwell is the author of Patron Saints (2011, OSV).