The most important difference between Christianity and other world religions — even Judaism, from which our religion grows — is that we follow God as He suffered. We are the religion of the suffering God. In our churches there should be a crucifix. The sign of Christ is the Cross, a sign of terrible punishment and dereliction that has been transformed into a sign of hope.

For this reason a Christian is willing to suffer and endure things in order to grow closer to God in the spiritual life. People of other religions also suffer, but they do not have the incredible example of a suffering God. They may have the idea of enduring difficulties and sufferings as a form of worship and dedication and acceptance of the divine will. Obviously, they would do painful things like fasting in order to accomplish God’s will and, I assume, offer that as a prayer. There is no way for them, however, to identify with the sufferings of God. Christianity is the religion of the God who weeps, who struggles, who falls on the pavement, who cries out in agony, and who dies offering Himself to the heavenly Father. That is what makes Christianity so obviously different.

This excerpt comes from Questions and Answers About Your Journey to God.