Grace-Filled Transitions

Grace-Filled Transitions Let us reflect on our mission as we move through Lent toward Easter

The Grace of the Priesthood

The Grace of the Priesthood We as clergy must take time to reflect on our extraordinary daily lives

Leading Like Christ

Leading Like Christ While we all want to please, our motivation must be focused on God

Learning to Say ‘No’

Learning to Say ‘No’ While priests are called to be available, we also need time to rejuvenate

Always Good Time for a Smile

Always Good Time for a Smile The greatest advertisement for vocations is the priesthood

Fifty Years

Fifty Years Remembering priest-friends

I Learned Something

I Learned Something The dignity of each person is the message

The Faith Lives

The Faith Lives The radical nature of the Christian message assures the continuation of an ever-new Church

Beloved by the Church

Beloved by the Church Amoris Laetitia is expression of ancient love

The Gospel in Action

The Gospel in Action A heritage that we should celebrate and call our people, especially our young, to imitate

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