First Week in Lent

First Week in Lent Sunday, March 9 — Saturday, March 15

Shooting down civility

Shooting down civility High-profile shootings in Florida make evident that those who ‘stand ground’ often ...

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday March 5 — Saturday, March 8

Second Week of Lent

Second Week of Lent Sunday, March 16 — Saturday, March 22

Holy Week and the Triduum

Holy Week and the Triduum

Pray your way through Lent

Pray your way through Lent In this weekly guide to the season of renewal, find the keys to successful spiritual ...

Letters to the Editor for March 2, 2014 Clergy sex abuse, minimum wage, social teaching, and gender issues

Editorial: A biblical paradox

Editorial: A biblical paradox There’s an overall sense that the word of God is becoming just another source, rather ...

More gender benders

More gender benders Facebook adds 48 more ways to describe one’s sex, which is odd because two seemed to ...

Psychology is crucial in forming seminarians

Psychology is crucial in forming seminarians Programs respond to sex abuse scandal by having students actively seek counseling ...

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Christian Unity

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