I am blessed to belong to a wonderful Christian prayer group. These women have changed my life in unimaginable ways. While many inter-denominational groups can become challenging for Catholics, this group of women is actually interested in my faith and allows me to witness the truth of the Church without any negativity towards me. We have all grown in faith and love by praying together. My children also pray with their children at a youth group and around the flagpole at school. My children have felt empowered by this fellowship. They have grown in their love of the Lord and are much braver about evangelizing at school and elsewhere.

Recently, my thirteen year-old daughter had a conversation with a child at school who announced to her that God was dead. My daughter came home, looked up scripture on God’s presence in our lives, and marched off to school the next day with her Bible under her arm ready to proclaim the truth to this child. As is would turn out, the child would not discuss it with her. I asked my daughter how she handled it. She stated that the girl had said, “She would not believe in God unless He came to her Himself.” My daughter said, “So that’s what I’m praying for, that God will come to her Himself.”

We have all grown so much from these connections that we were delighted to be invited to a pasta dinner and worship service at one of the churches our friends attend. We had a wonderful night of food and fellowship. We left happy and full.

When I asked my children what they thought about the service, I was pleased by their response. They all said that it didn’t feel finished without the Eucharist. I rejoiced, the fullness of the Faith was evident in my children’s hearts! There is room for worship with all our Christian friends, but it is incomplete without the Catholic fullness of Faith and the Eucharist. As Catholics we possess the full deposit of faith. We must know our Faith so that we can defend the truth in it, but we should also acknowledge the wonderful hearts of our Christian brothers and sisters. We can learn from their love for the Lord. We can find the fire in our own hearts when we pray with them and for them. If we are honest, many Catholics have become like the Pharisees. We follow the law, but have lost touch with the love. In my family, our non-Catholic Christian friends helped us find that love again. As a result, we have learned to love our full Catholic Faith. My prayer is that these friends, in turn, will find the fullness they are missing in our Faith. Many blessings.