Mass Readings: Isaiah 7:1-9/Matthew 11:20-24

Treasured Saint

Sister Bonaventure was my sophomore homeroom teacher. She was an affable nun who taught geometry. I didn’t even know what a Bonaventure was when I met her. Then I discovered he was a great saint. Born in 1221, he was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1588.

Even a cursory reading of his life leaves me breathless. Legend suggests he was named Bonaventure by St. Francis of Assisi. After becoming a Franciscan, he taught theology and Scripture. When the mendicant orders came under attack in the mid-13th century, Bonaventure defended them. This saint was a prolific writer and preacher. Indefatigable Bonaventure makes me envy his seemingly boundless energy and love of God. Reading about his life is both humbling and inspiring. The lives of the saints are such treasures.

Prayer: Help me, O Lord, follow the example of the saints.