On the Building Committee?

On the Building Committee? A priest walks a parishioner through a church

Students find quiet in the busyness of college life

Students find quiet in the busyness of college life Outdoor spiritual sites, like labyrinths and grottoes, are on-campus havens

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Temples of Holy Spirit

Temples of Holy Spirit In Romans, St. Paul refers to our whole selves -- not our physical bodies -- as being ...

National shrine celebrates golden jubilee Basilica's founding is intertwined with history of Church in America

St. Mary Major What's the story behind this feast day?

California college's new chapel hailed as 'hinge point' in renewal 'They were asking for something special, and I liked that challenge'

New shrine dedicated to America's patroness Wisconsin pilgrimage site could draw up to 200,000 visitors per year

Ringing up California's mission trail Mission bells mark El Camino Real, recalling an earlier time and the Franciscan padres