Offering blessings

Offering blessings Extraordinary ministers of Communion shouldn’t give blessings, but situations often ...

Why we ‘take up the gifts’

Why we ‘take up the gifts’ In delivering the bread and wine to the altar, the laity are participating in Christ’s ...

All I want for Christmas is you (to come to Mass)

All I want for Christmas is you (to come to Mass) Share with friends and family the warmth of the parish and the meaning of the Eucharist

An Uncorrectable Habit?

An Uncorrectable Habit? Leaving during or after Communion

Mass Is More than Mass

Mass Is More than Mass Sacrament, sacrifice, covenant, banquet

The Mass

The Mass A detailed explanation of the parts of the Catholic liturgy, from introduction to ...

The Holy Mass

The Holy Mass Meal and Sacrifice

Called to Communion

Called to Communion While we are all called to receive the Eucharist, we must discern the criteria ...

The Most Ignored Reception of the Eucharist at the same sacrifice

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