Our Sunday Visitor receives 13 awards from the CPA

The Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte last week did not disappoint, as Our Sunday Visitor received 13 awards from the Catholic Press Association: three for books and 10 for periodicals, including nine for OSV Newsweekly.

For books, the “Encyclopedia of U.S. Catholic History” by Matthew Bunson and Margaret Bunson received first-place honors in the “Reference Books” category; “Immigration and the Next America” by Archbishop José H. Gomez received second place in the “Immigration” category; and “Catholic Mom’s Café” by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle received third-place honors in the “Family Life” category.

The Catholic Answer columnist Elizabeth Scalia received first place for “Best Regular Column” — “Ora Pro Nobis” — on spiritual life.

OSV Newsweekly received a nice variety of recognitions, starting with third place in the “Best Front Page” category, with what the judges called a “nice variety of designs.”

OSV Contributing Editor Emily Stimpson won third place for her feature story on couples facing the cross of infertility. And freelance writer Scott Alessi won honorable mention in sports journalism for his story about the NCAA’s “Catholic league.”

Editor's preview of this week's issue

Also recognized were Matthew Bunson, Russell Shaw and the entire staff for second-place coverage of the papal transition from the resignation of Pope Benedict through the conclave.

OSV also received first-place honors for its strong work at explaining the Church’s position on marriage. A trio of articles was submitted for this entry: Brandon Vogt’s wildly popular “10 rebuttals to arguments for same-sex marriage” and his corresponding interview with Harvard Professor Robert P. George (both in the issue of Jan. 13, 2013), and Melinda Selmys’ essay in the July 14 issue.

The newsweekly also won third place for the “Saints for Our Time” special supplement from last November.

It was particularly gratifying for the staff, after much hard work, to receive the first place award for “Best Newspaper Website.” Judges said OSV.com has “a clean layout that’s not afraid to use white space effectively” and “a hierarchy of stories that’s pleasing to the eye.”

In addition, the Editorial Board received first place for its editorial “The Ideological Divide,” from the issue of Aug. 25.

Finally, OSV Newsweekly received second place for “General Excellence.” “Wonderfully written and thoughtful articles with very strong photos and art make OSV very difficult to put down,” the judges wrote. “Simply compelling portrait of Catholic life and issues.”

I might be biased, but I couldn’t agree more.

While receiving awards isn’t the end goal of this publication, I am very proud of the quality work done by our excellent writers and top-notch editors and designers week after week.

We love what we do, we are committed to our mission, and I’m glad that it shows.