Mass Readings: 1 Samuel 15:16-23/Mark 2:18-22

New Wineskins

Today we commemorate three men who stood up for what they believed. St. Fabian (d. 250) and St. Sebastian (d.c. 288) died for their faith, choosing to be martyred rather than give up belief in Christ. And it’s also Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King was assassinated, killed for his belief in living out Christian values like loving your neighbor as yourself. At one point he said, “All I want is to do God’s will.”

Today’s Gospel talks about fresh new wineskins. It’s time for the new. As Dr. King said in a sermon read at his funeral, “I just want to be there in love and in justice and in truth and in commitment to others, so that we can make of this old world a new world.” How can I make this old world new?

Prayer: God of New Beginnings, show me how I can help make the old new.