Editor's Notebook — Oct. 17 As the government re-opens this morning, it will be interesting to see how quickly some of these services get back on track.

At the Vatican, according to Catholic News Service, Pope Francis is planning a Lenten retreat outside Rome March 9-14 for heads of the Curia.

Following the lead of California's Loyola Marymount University, faculty at the Jesuit Santa Clara University are protesting their school's decision to end abortion coverage.

Young American Catholics reflect that Pope Francis 
is taking the Church in "a whole new direction."

The National Catholic Register 
reports on a new book that portrays the Church's involvement in rescuing Jews in Rome during World War II.

An air conditioning issue in the Sistine Chapel may cause the head of Vatican Museums to limit the number of visitors.

The AP reports that attacks on churches 
leave Egypt's Coptic Christians feeling persecuted and vulnerable. Striking photos included.

In Zimbabwe, Catholics are advocating for community radio to "amplify the message of the Church, especially on social justice issues."

As the fall 40 Days for Life campaign reaches day 23, be inspired by Nikki Bruni's work with the organization, which led her to the Church. 

Adam DeVille says "we're drowning under far too much commentary on the papacy."

 CNS photo
Catholic Charities in Phoenix takes fundraising to another level — by opening a coffee and wine bar.

Finally, two thoughts from Pope Francis' morning Mass (thanks again CNS): Saying prayers isn't the same as praying; praying involves a heart meeting the Lord's heart. And: Those who turn faith into an ideology recite prayers, but, without heart, they preach rules, not the love and tenderness of God.

Gretchen R. Crowe is editor of OSV Newsweekly.