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Catechist's Companion: How to Be a Good Catechist

  • ISBN: 9781592761876
  • ID #: X238
  • Copyright: 2006
  • Pages: 8
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Wanted: A person to fill the job of catechist in a Catholic parish.

Qualilfications: This person...
-Must educate young people in Church teachings
-Recognize and be sensitive to family cultures
-Catechize with joy and energy
-Teach Scripture and basic Church teachings using solid catechetical methods
-Make instruction Eucharist-centered
-Care for those catechized
-Be able to respond catechetically to questions

This list could go on and on. A catechist's job can be extremely fulfilling but no doubt challenging. But how can we help our catechists to be successful with the responsibility laid upon them?

Catechist's Companion: How to Be a Good Catechist does just that! Through an inspiring biographical sketch of a real-life holy woman named Monica, Father Hater draws examples and practices presenting ten essential actions for effective catechists.