Catholic Parent Know-How: Bullying, What Parents Can Do

  • ISBN: 9781612786193
  • ID #: X1316
  • Copyright: 2012
  • Pages: 8
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In recent years, the topic of bullying has been at the forefront of our national conversation, due in part to several high-profile cases in which children and teens took their own lives after being bullied. In this new Catholic Parent Know-How from Our Sunday Visitor, and by Catholic child psychologist Dr. Joseph White, you'll find solidly Catholic, practical advice for helping you keep your child physically and emotionally safe. In Bullying: What Parents Can Do, you'll find answers to questions parents everywhere are asking: What is bullying? How serious is it? Who are the bullies? What are the risk factors for victims? How do I help? And most importantly, what's the Christian response?
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