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Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics Including Reflections on Faith by Pope Francis

  • ISBN: 9781612787930
  • ID #: T1599
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Pages: 96
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"Faith is born of an encounter with the living God who calls us and reveals his love, a love which precedes us and upon which we can lean for security and for building our lives." - Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei

Fr. Mitch Pacwa has a God-given talent for taking vast topics like faith, honing in on the things that will truly make a difference in our lives, and presenting these truths in an accessible way.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa's groundbreaking bible study, The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics, has now been updated to include reflections on faith by Pope Francis. In Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics, Fr. Pacwa uses themes and reflections of Pope Francis' to illuminate each of the six sessions in which readers will understand faith as it relates to our relationship with Christ, what we profess as Catholics, and the ultimate goal of evangelization.

"It is this light of faith that I would now like to consider, so that it can grow and enlighten the present, becoming a star to brighten the horizon of our journey at a time when mankind is particularly in need of light."- Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei