The Beauty of God’s Design: Understanding and Appreciating Humanae Vitae

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  • Copyright: 2018
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Help your parishioners understand and appreciate Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae with this new pamphlet. In straightforward language, the pamphlet summarizes the teaching of Humanae Vitae, including:

  • Spouses in marriage have an important mission – to serve God through their marriage
  • God chose to create new human beings through the love of spouses
  • The marital act requires a complete self-giving that can result in children
  • Contraception negates self-giving and results in many negative consequences

While these teachings are often under attack in our society today, more and more Catholics are embracing the rich and life-giving message that Humanae Vitae brings to families and the entire Catholic church.

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Also available in Spanish.