2018 Advent Bulletin Inserts
Keep the motivation and inspiration for Advent strong with these weekly bulletin inserts based on the Sunday readings. The perfect extension of the Advent pamphlet. Package of 50 each of 4 weekly bulletin inserts.
Advent Resources
Encourage parishioners to dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus and Mary throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons. These resources will help parishioners of all ages intentionally reflect on the coming of Christ. 

Reasons for Hope

Free E-book:
Reasons for Hope - Meditations for the Advent Season

Hope seems to be in short supply these days. How can we face life with all its uncertainty and remain hopeful, much less share our hope with others?

Advent Pamphlets
Start the season with these helpful pamphlets that sets the stage for parishioners to enter Advent with a fresh perspective. Pkgs. of 50. 


Prepare parish families for the season of Lent with these engaging and helpful resources that can be distributed in every bulletin or as a handout to every family. Inspire prayer, activity, and involvement in this most important season.

2017 Lent Bulletin Inserts - Available Fall 2016
Journey through the season of Lent with Our Sunday Visitor's The Gospel of Mercy bulletin inserts based on the Sunday Gospels. This six-week resource is an easy-to-read overview of Lent with a focus on prayer, reflection, outreach, and family faith. They are designed to be implemented in various ways in the life of your parish.

2018 Lenten Bulletin Inserts
Be inspired to make Lent a season of service, self-examination, fasting and penance with this series of weekly bulletin inserts based on the Sunday readings. 
Package of 50 each of 4 weekly bulletin inserts.
Lenten Pamphlets
More Lenten Resources

Other Important Dates