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Saint Names for Your BabySaint Names for your Baby

Perfect for expectant parents and grandparents

As you prepare to welcome your new infant into the world, one of a parent's most exciting responsibilities is choosing a name. Your son or daughter will carry their name throughout life, and it should be meaningful and interesting. Browse over 1,000 saints' names and information, search by gender and create a list of favorites. Simplify your search. Download Saint Names for Your Baby for just 99 cents.

Download on the App StoreConfirmation Names

Handy for new Catholics, DREs and confirmation candidates

Are you wondering which saint name would best represent you for the Sacrament of Confirmation? Look no further than this reference of Confirmation Names. Search our database with hundreds of saints and discover name origins, images, biographies and more.
Download Confirmation Names for just 99 cents.

Download on the App StorePatron Saints

Useful for incorporating the saints into daily life

Catholic faith and practice have long celebrated turning in prayer and devotion to the saints of faith. The Patron Saints app provides you with names and information for over 1,000 saints. Special functions allow you to search by need and list and save your favorites. Great for Catholics and anyone curious about the importance of saints for Catholics. Download Patron Saints for just 99 cents.

Download on the App StoreRosary of the Hours

A new way to pray an ancient prayer

St. Paul exhorted the young Church to pray always. And over the course of centuries, the Church introduced the Rosary, a simple yet profound prayer for praising God and meditating on the holy mysteries of Christ and His Blessed Mother. Now there is a way to pray the Rosary "around the clock," whereby a decade, with its own special theme, may be prayed for each of the twenty-four hours of the day.

Whether for Eucharistic Adoration in your parish, or for private devotion in your home -- or wherever or whatever your circumstances -- the Rosary of the Hours provides a simple and inspirational method of sanctifying every hour. Specially chosen prayers from the Psalms, beautiful meditations gleaned from the popes, and suggested Scripture passages for further meditation are yours, to inspire and comfort, whatever the time, day or night.
Download Rosary of the Hours for just 99 cents.

Catholic blogger Sarah Reinhard calls it "...a great new app to use to pray the rosary..."
Read her full review

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