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Pope Francis’ words are simple and straightforward, yet rich and challenging — he is a true shepherd of the Church. With our growing collection of books from and about Pope Francis, you can learn more about the pope, fall deeper in love with the Faith, and answer the pope’s call to discipleship. Our Sunday Visitor is also the exclusive publisher of the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. Gain wisdom, insight, and encouragement from our Holy Father. You can still learn from past popes with our collection of Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI books below.

Saint Pope John Paul II

The spirituality of Saint Pope John Paul II

We can grow deeply in our faith by studying Saint Pope John Paul II, a great spiritual leader of our time. He began his papacy by telling the world, "Be not afraid"; his life showed everyone that to change the world, we must "cast into the deep for a great catch." Delve into John Paul II’s spirituality with these great books from Our Sunday Visitor.

Past Popes

Leaders of the Church

Our Sunday Visitor offers a collection of books about various popes throughout the Church’s history and their influence on the Church and the world. Whether offering clarity or inspiration, these books are essential to understanding the papacy.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Insight from our beloved Benedict

A prolific writer, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was surprisingly accessible and a strong teacher. Grow in your love and appreciation of the Faith with unprecedented access to the mind of Benedict through his teachings, his priorities, his passions, and his hopes and prayers for the future of the Catholic Church. Our Sunday Visitor publishes many books by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on a wide range of fascinating topics. He brings subjects to life in his brilliant, yet approachable way.


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