Catholic Books Special Interest

Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

Gain a new appreciation for the little nun that made big changes in the lives of the poorest of the poor – and in the lives of millions more through her faithful example of a life dedicated to Christ.

Padre Pio

The story of St. Padre Pio has fascinated people for decades. Learn more about this friar, priest, stigmatist, and mystic, and be blessed by his life of acceptance of God’s plan, and learn, as he did to “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”


Become the man God wants you to be! How? With the help of some excellent spiritual reading by Our Sunday Visitor. Through books such as these, you can uncover the promises of God to help your realize your masculine nature, and share your gifts with your family and the world around you.


Our Sunday Visitor offers many books full of inspiration and encouragement for women -- to help them live their Catholic faith, build up their prayer lives, navigate family and social issues, and much more. You’ll find just the book for women of any age or stage in life, whether as a gift, or for yourself.

Early Church

For students, catechists, teachers, or anyone who wants to grow in knowledge of early Church and its impact today! Open up a new appreciation for the impact of the fathers and mothers of the Church.


Everyone wants the story-book marriage – but how do we manage that when we live in the “real world” full of stress, challenges, hurt, and problems? Turn to Our Sunday Visitor for a great variety of books that can help shed light on the blessing of marriage, and show you how to find fulfillment as a couple with the help of your Catholic faith.

Daily Devotionals

Just a little time every day – that’s all that’s needed to help build up your prayer life and grow in your faith! Our Sunday Visitor’s collection of daily devotionals offers you a great variety of styles and topics that will make it easier for you to fit prayer and scripture into every day of the week.

Basics of Catholicism

Want to know what the Church teaches, and why? Turn to Our Sunday Visitor for the best, most accurate, and orthodox answers to your questions about the Catholic faith.


Whether you are looking for ways to inspire your parish to discipleship, encourage evangelization, or just need some encouragement for your ministry, Our Sunday Visitor offers excellent resources that will enrich your ministry.